YEP. THAT’S MY COUSIN. Not gonna lie, I’m quite proud of her. Hats off to you, cuz.

"A woman ran onto the field during Game 2 of the College World Series between Arizona and South Carolina on Monday and, boy, was she a handful.

The unidentified woman made a dash during the 7th inning and patted the butts of two Arizona outfielders, including center fielder Joey Rickard (seen above).

We don’t encourage fan disturbance, but if you’re a woman who’s planning to run onto a field mid-game, this is how to make the most of your big moment.” -Larry Brown Sports

"So give this overeager woman credit for her courage and ability to connect with a piece of the pie despite security being just a few steps behind, while knowing things will get progressively rich in the poon department (as if they weren’t before arriving in Omaha) for the Wildcats upon their heroic return to Tuscon."

"Making her rounds, she was able to snag quick squeezes on two different Arizona Wildcat outfielders as they were trying to preserve their 1-run lead over the defending champions, the South Carolina Gamecocks.

This handful of a woman was chased down by security guards and eventually detained, but not before a photographer was able to snap the classic photo above that she will forever remember.”

"…two of the team’s outfielders felt a little bit of love firsthand from one crazed baseball fan who apparently wanted to show that she was behind them all the way. The woman hopped onto the field during the seventh inning when the score was still close, managing to get extremely, uncomfortably close to the players herself. Shepatted the butts of two Wildcats outfielders before getting snagged by security. Now that’s support!”

"I like to think she got away with this booty caper, wherein she went off on a butt-grabbing spree for all females who have dreamed of such a silly shenanigan. 

I know I should sit her on my high horse and condemn fans from rushing the field, but I can’t resist a slow golf clap for this woman. 

Let me continue by saying I hate when fans rush the field. Like beach balls on the field, they stop the game and after decades of use are just lame. 

However, this woman is a superhero to every woman who ever leaned over to her girlfriend and stated how she would like to reach out and grab an athlete’s butt. 

Well, this crazy female did just that. 

Baseball players of the world be warned, the opening salvo has been fired. Consider it open season on your butts.” —Bleacher Report